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Mathieu Charron (A.K.A. Stunnin) is a Montreal based artist who's been doing Hip-Hop music for three years. After releasing a mixtape in 2017, Stunnin is now focusing on releasing singles and music videos to get as much as possible from each track. Stunnin is associated with AZ Music Studios for all of his productions. Mostly known for his catchy hooks and his unique flows, Stunnin is also a really good performer who likes to entertain the crowd. He’s been the opening act of the lead rapper of 13 deep records, S.P. Sans Pression. After doing a couple of shows with this former rap star, S.P. started booking him for most of his shows, which include Santa Teresa Festival, Club Foufounes Électriques, Club L'abrevoir, Rapfest and much more. Slowly staring to gain more popularity on streaming platforms and on Youtube, Stunnin is always seeking more. A distinguished personality that seeks people to him, with versatile styles, Stunnin is ready to become the next rap star of his generation.  The 26 year old rapper is very dedicated to his work and unlike the other rappers, he'll stop at nothing to be the best.


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